Ansel Thompson, Principal

Every organization has value that is waiting to be uncovered and unlocked. I have built a career providing the insights and influencing the strategies that help organizations identify and tap into this latent value.

For over 15 years I have worked with top B2B digital brands including two business units of privately held Fortune 500 SunGard Data Systems and publicly traded fin-tech and payments provider Bottomline Technologies were I was Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy.  Roles have included new product and service strategy, business analysis and planning, marketing strategy as well as leading growth initiatives and marketing management. My corporate career follows a career in consulting after I received my MBA from Wharton.

Here are a few examples of the impact I have had

  1. Shaped executive consensus around a global re-organization to make the company more customer focused and accelerate market growth.
  2. Recommend changes to market coverage, including re-structuring territories and expanding services adoption, with projected 44% increase in annual sales.
  3. Established strategy and management processes for a newly created global Marketing Center of Excellence. 
  4. Secured organizational commitment and resources to develop new service offering with a forecasted impact of $376M in annual recurring revenue.
  5. Built in-house consulting team and collaborated with stakeholders and corporate partners (i.e. IBM, HP, Verizon, Comcast, Cisco, MTS AllStream, etc.) to deliver engagements.

I would be happy to share and discuss additional examples that might be more relevant to your specific situation.